Restricting The Vote?
(Or prospecting for oil?)

Greedy fossil fuel drillers and frackers are attacking
And giving California's fault lines the old one, ttwo, three:
One. Scrape off the top soil, bag it, and sell it to Inhofe
Where despite climate denials his own has blown off.

Two. Weaken the geological structure that serves as the glue
And defers any earthquakes that might be overdue.
Three. Wonder where the sites they were drilling had gone,
The ones they were still paying leases upon.

Into the sea, the whole kit and caboodle?
Viagra's no help for that limp a noodle.
Was it luck that the Democrats got out their early vote,
While for G.O.P. footdraggers, that's all that she wrote?

Should Cruz have had more cruise ships standing offshore?
Had California been that much of a red state before?
Had someone miscounted or misread the polls??
Whose brilliant idea was it where they'd drill the holes?

Bob Carlson

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