Ruining Reputations
(Like Kellogg's)

If the Kashi brand of Kellogg's contains Monsanto's GMOs,
Can it be labeled "organic" if the FDA knows?
Guess the answer is "Yes" as it affects me and you,
And they don't give a damn how many more of us do.

Or if Tommy's tumor was triggered by Fruit Loops, or Kashi, or Corn Flakes.
Is Monsanto in cahoots with everything Kellogg's makes
In this country and a few others where it hasn't been banned
As a prime risk for cancers throughout the land?

The fact GMOs haven't been adequately tested
Doesn't bother big firms as ambitious as they
To dominate world markets irregardless of fatalities?
To make a quick buck? They know no other way?

You think "Monsanto", you immediately think poisons,
Insecticides, herbicides, Agent Orange, and now this
What a shame for a firm with a family tradition like Kellogg's
To let itself be dragged into Monsanto's abyss.

When will Monsanto's name appear on your cereal box?
Or at least on the aisles where Kellogg's is sold?
Sooner or later it's going to happen.
Grocery stores will be bold, or will do as they're told.

Bob Carlson

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