Obama's Gulf War –
'Science' Advisors
In over their heads

How do 'science' advisors get in over their heads?
Political pressure? Public relations?
A partisan audience predisposed to be gullible?
Do overfed egos forget their limitations?

Imagine advising on oil spill containment
Without knowing beans about drilling for oil.
No knowledge of oil rigs, except what they're reading –
Is that how they learned who's a boy? Who's a goil?

Though a butterfly specialist may also know moths,
Does that make him an expert at dealing with gout?
Is the doctor you go to for a slight inflammation
The one you'd be asking to take something out?

Who'd promote their "findings" but promise their data
Two years from now when it's finally ready?
You suppose the advisor who touted those "findings"
Is in, just a little bit, over her heady?

Don't let them eat cake. Make sure they eat seafood.
Assure them Marie A. would have eaten the fish,
Knowing some poisons take several years
Before symptoms appear and you get one final wish.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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