SEC Scoundrels And Scandals
(Your CEO makes how many millions?)

Which scoundrel's to blame for the SEC scandals,
The delay implementing the CEO pay
Ratio to employee compensation disclosures
Before she spun out of the revolving door
    To an anticipated grander pay day?

As a high paid consultant at Promontory Financial
With more former regulators than you can shake a stick at,
Advising the same banks and corporations
For whom they'd conveniently been blind as a bat?

Was Mary Shapiro at fault or was Obama
For letting her continue as Chief SEC Foot Dragger?
When what the position and public was calling for
Was someone to swat a decisive four bagger?

He did and she didn't. Now let's see what White does
Before we panic and call in the FBI fuzz.
Will Putin give asylum to either or both?
Or after Snowden will he likely be loath?

Bob Carlson

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