Obama's Religious Wars –
Securitizing Bibi and Hamid
(To alleviate the Budget Deficit)

Our Budget Deficit could be a problem.
It's going to require a two-pronged approach,
Like creating shares in Bibi Netanyahu
As well as the Afghan who's beyond self-reproach.

We'll capitalize on what Karzai costs us –
Assuming he's not worth more dead than alive –
With a price earnings ratio of nine eleven
Minus living expenses in his thrty room dive.

With Petraeus in charge there's great growth potential,
Something that, in the past, he has labeled a surge.
And if Karzai can cut a new deal with the Taliban,
His old source of income just might reemerge.

With Bibi we may have to work somewhat faster.
There's always a chance that he'll be voted out.
So far it appears there is much less chance Karzai
Will ever be ousted, at least by that route.

Bib's funding, instead, seems to stem from the guilt
Of folks who are fans but reluctant to migrate
To the mid-East and be car-bombed and shot at.
Do they know if they joined him they could procreate?

That's much like what Bibi promotes as begetting,
Which squatters are required to do between attacks.
Life on the West Bank is fraught with danger,
But no way do they waste their days watching their backs.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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