Shall We Waltz
With the private health insurers?

We know there are too many dying.
    They're not getting adequate care.
They've found pre-existing conditions
    remain health insuring's bugbear.
So though some insureds say they're happy,
    lots more uninsureds say they're not.
Ay, ay, ay, ay.
All these faults; shall we waltz?
Looks like that's all that we've got.

We want help, they need help, but who'll help?
    The Blue Dogs are washing their hands.
John Boehner's boys can't be bothered,
    So guess on whose shoulders it lands?
With their lobbyists buying the Congress,
    Is your money on haves or have nots?
Ay, ay, ay, ay.
Shall we waltz with these faults
Bought for us by these big shots?

Big shots with one lord and master:
    Their greed and their lust for a buck,
Provided by private insurers
    As payment for pushing their luck,
Essentially simply maintaining
    The status quo by doing squat.
Ay, ay, ay, ay.
All these faults, all these faults.
Who needs these big shots we've got?

The doctors are loving the ruckus.
    Their main concern is our wealth.
For a bit extra, they'll nip and tuck us,
    changing our looks, not our health.
As a bonus they'll color us "Boehner",
    so no one will know what we've caught.
Ay, ay, ay, ay.
Shall we waltx, shall we waltz,
With the rich still the color of squat?

La la la, la la la, la la la, la la la,
With the rich all the color of squat.

Bob Carlson
with a nod of thanks to Leonard Cohen
Copyright © 8/17/09

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