Some Things Borrowed...
(Wha' dja 'spect?)

Some things borrowed? Some not new?
Were I d'Artagnan, I'd duel with you.
But luckily that's who I'm not
Just think how often I get caught.

"Misrepresenting", "misleading", "dishonest"?
I have "never intentionally done so."
Of course I have "borrowed", "been sloppy", "made errors".
I'm from Kentucky. That's how we senators go.

"It's making a mountain out of a molehill"
     by people "with an axe to grind,"
Not acknowledging that I typically borrow
     from the best sources, like Seuss, I'm able to find.
The lead attacker "has been spreading
     hate on me for about three years now."
She's seen my Daddy so how can she still
     be 'specting a Boy Scout kind of a vow?

Bob Carlson

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