State Farm Drums Up Business
(By denying climate change)

Are you aware that your "good neighbor" is not?
That State Farm Insurance bets thousands the world's not getting hot?
Two hundred and thirty thousand two years ago
To the Heartland of ALEC. Just thought you should know.

The Heartland that advertises the Unabomber
On a climate denying big billboard ad?
Fits right into the ALEC agenda
To teach little school kids that science is bad.

To sell more insurance would State Farm also sell matches?
You fear more extreme weather? They'll make sure you get that.
Insurance against rising seas and coastal flooding?
They'll make sure that you need it. Looks like they've got that part down pat.

Teaming with ALEC so new laws don't stop the warming.
Teamed with Heartland, they denied that climate could.
Like a "good neighbor" they sell you more costly insurance
And drum up new business while you knock on wood.

Bob Carlson

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