Stephen McIntyre, Global Warming Contrarian
(One of fossil fuels' most persistent...)

Semi-retired gold mining engineer and consultant,
Steve has done no peer reviewed climate research of his own.
He's made a second career as an editorial contrarian
Trying to find fault with all those he's been shown.

Weak armchair science and denials are his sole claim to fame.
Just many op-ed type pieces with a negative bent.
His contrarian views of others' endeavors?
Paid for by fossil fuel? They've made barely a dent.

Is Steve Harper funding him? Or are Exxon, BP and Shell?
As Joe Barton's expert witness for the hearings Joe calls,
It's absolutely incredible how often the two are shot down,
And somewhat of a tossup which one has the bigger balls.

Smokey Joe's the equivalent of Senator Inhofe.
Neither one is an expert as it's easy to tell.
The wonder is that both are apparently funded
By tha fossil fuel Mafia, Exxon, BP and Shell.

Much more amazing, has McIntyre been the best
That the oil giants and Harper could buy?
You do have to hand it to Smokey Joe Barton
Who commissioned a report from pseudo-scientist Wegman
Who turned out to be another conspiracy guy.

But climate science wasn't Ed Wegman's domain.
So for Barton and Inhofe, as usual, more pain and no gain.

Bob Carlson

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