Sterilization? Marriage Restrictions? The Oven?
(Leaving the "feeble-minded" till last)

Sterilization may not be fast enough
Nor marriage restrictions for their eugenics stuff.
They've so many billions they are willing to burn,
Are they aware that it will soon be their turn?

Their turn to fail to achieve their own Master Race
After Hitler ended up with egg on his face?
Have enough years gone by that the world could forget
How IBM's Hollerith cards react when they're wet

With Holocaust blood or Tea Party Tea?

That were it not for the NSA they prob'bly would be,
But for the most complete and successful extermination yet,
As only Keith Alexanders' NSA computers can get.

Will other countries be on their weeding list?
Only to the extent that the Koch Boys persist.
Will new Holocausts turn some who're now pro to con?
That could depend on which side of the horror they're on.

Ignore global warming. Cook the lower classes.
For them the world will be one huge microwave.
How much you want to bet they'll forget to provide
A way to cool down the elite colleagues of Charlie and Dave?

Bob Carlson

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