Stick It And Shove It
(To Exxon, BP and Shell)

Has Obama the gumption to face down fossil fuels?
Will he stand up to all of their fossil fools?
With a "no way in hell" to their Keystone XL
And a "stick it and shove it" to Exxon, BP and Shell?

Get their tar out of Canada some other way.
If it leaks on its way out, make Steve Harper pay.
Take away Big Oil's subsidies. Let them grimace and groan.
If they must heat our planet, do it all on their own.

Die of thirst in their droughts and drown in rising seas
After losing their markets for their damn antifreeze.
Take their climate deniers with them on their way to Hell
Along with the stockholders and execs of Exxon, BP and Shell.

Bob Carlson

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