Sue The ACA Contractors?
(Serco, CGI, and Booz Allen)

Who wasn't aware that it wasn't complete?
That 40% was yet to be done?
Who didn't tell who? Who didn't bother to ask?
Why wasn't anyone charged with that task?

Somebody, somewhere has to have known:
The coding's not finished. Programs aren't all debugged.
The system's not tested. It's not ready to roll.
Where were the managers? Were they all drunk or drugged?

How can this be? Were they too scared to say?
If they ever finish, let's take back their pay.
Publish their names. Ruin their reputations.
Make them change their professions
     and not work in systems one more f***ing day

Sue the contractors for our taxes they wasted;
For the inconvenience of those who tried to sign.
And be sure to sue the Tea Party Republicans
For maintaining the head on each programmer's stein.

Copyright © 11/19/13
Bob Carlson

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