Tea Party Hell
(Here on Earth)

They're taking no chances. They're creating a Hell,
Denying climate change and sequestering money to fight forest fires.
Are they all "graduates" or Trump "University"?,
Or just a collection of idiots and inveterate liars?

Protesting they're doing it for our own good?
Never admitting they've been paid by fossil fuels?
Towns without drinking water. It's been given to frackers.
Who'd be that crackers but some Tea Party fools?

But they did. They did it to a wee town in Texas.
Drilled 104 oil wells. Now there's not enough to drink
For goats, cattle, or people, whoever is left.
Forget your flush toilets. No more kitchen sink.

San Francisco's in danger. Wild fires go for its reservoir.
Governor Brown cautions an official, Beware!

When those idiots return from their vacations,
Will D.C. go up in smoke? Or be sequestered with hot air?

Bob Carlson

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