Ted Cruz Is In Danger
(Repeating Huey Long's mistakes)

Ted Cruz: Armageddon or Assassination?
The man is in danger of being done in:
His supporters far outnumbered by those who can't stand him
On both sides of the aisle who are angry as sin.

Can he be stopped before two thousand-sixteen?
What will it take to push one of them over the top?
One, just one, is all that's required
To sidle up to him and give him a pop.

Half the Republican Party is not amused
Most of the country and world feels abused
What are the chances that Ted Cruz will survive?
That in two thousand-sixteen he'll still be alive?

Can the Secret Service be expanded and trained quickly enough?
Is it their mission to deal with Ted's kind of stuff
When he seems to be inviting a George Zimmerman type?
Or will Teddy calm down and smoke a peace pipe?

Huey was a thorn in Franklin Roosevelt's side
Until one little hand gun punched a hole in Long's hide,
What did it take to make someone that mad?
Obstructing the government and Long's delight at being bad?

Bob Carlson

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