Ted Cruz: Obstructionist? No! An Anarchist!
(Throw him in jail)

Don't fund or enforce existing laws that he's finally against.
He never got his act together in time,
Nor did his mentors before him and now they're all incensed.
As a late blooming anarchist he'll need lots more partners in crime.

He failed to defund our Obamacare
To keep others less fortunate from getting their share
Now he's trying to prevent us from knowing who gave
To benefit the wealthy like Charley and Dave

By giving and bribing to make sure they get more
Assuming John Roberts will be neglecting the store,
Too weak to contend with Ginni Thomas's boor,
Whose appointment was one of both Bushies' more glorious piss-poor.

An obstructionist? Maybe, but Ted is far worse than that.
Any law he's against he doesn't try to repeal.
Ted tries to break it. The man is an anarchist!
Render him to Gitmo! What's the big deal?

Bob Carlson

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