Teddy Goofed Again
(Extortion backfires; so how will it benfit him and his crony capitalists?)

Did Teddy miscalculate? Did Teddy goof?
His plans for blackmailing Obama were not that foolproof.
A blackmailer who failed; he's the fool who's at fault,
An unseasoned Senator who's not worth his salt.

Is he ashamed? Does he feel any remorse?
As a Tea Bagger? Never, which is par for the course.
Will he shift the blame for what he has done?
Rest assured that he'll try, but we know he's the one.

"Shutdown the government!" we all heard him cry.
And damned if he didn't. And on his first try,
With some help from his cronies. Now let's see how they profit.
To the brink of disaster. What will we pay them to get off it?

Bob Carlson

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