Teddy Wasn't Ready
(For the bigtime)

Have you heard the one about the Princeton grad,
Who when he got to Harvard played an "elitist" gone mad,
Refusing to study with other classmates unless they were male
And graduates of Princeton, Harvard or Yale?

Princeton? What's that and where?
Somewhere in New Joyzey with the polluted air?
Where their big football games are when they get to meet
Harvard and Yale, the two who are the truly elite,
To whom playing Princeton is just another game
Though if played in New Joyzey is a low-down dirty shame.

Are all Princeton graduates as inarticulate as Cruz?
Twenty-one hours to try to say what he pooh-poohs,
And then vote for what he had seemed to argue against?
If he'd just hire a spokesman when he gets that incensed...
Was it his fault or Harry Reid's? Which one of them erred?
How the hell'd he get started if he wasn't prepared?

Bob Carlson

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