Terminating Teddy
(Outlived his usefulness to the Kochs?)

How will the powers that be abolish Ted Cruz?
How can they terminate Teddy's abuse?
Of whatever power he imagines he has
Before the loudmouth is remanded to Alcatraz?

What? Alcatraz has been closed? Then render him unto Egypt.
See if their brand of torture can change Ted's attitude.
Short of assassination we have no method
Of dealing with a Teddy Cruz kind of a dude.

Waterboarding? Out of fashion when Bush retired to paint
Out-houses, but soon discovered he cain't
Get the shape of the moons to look like they should,
Not realizing that they're holes in the wood.

Who talked Teddy into shutting us down
"Who says he did it? It wasn't us Kochs."
Is this really a good time for political levity?
With next year's repeat not that far away, enough with the jokes.

What have they promised him and what do they want?
What short of everything? That they've already said.
Are they willing to sacrifice their Tea Bagger messenger?
Have the Brothers Koch decided they want Teddy dead?

Bob Carlson

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