The Big Woo-Woo
(How long will it work for climate change deniers?)

What kind of bullshit do you believe in?
Something without scientific justification?
That's being debunked by acknowledged skeptics,
A part of the James Randi Educational Foundation?

The Amazing Randi's at war against "Woo-Woo",
That some folks believe in to an amazing degree.
Do you believe that the BP Gulf explosion
Was caused by supernatural forces znd not by BP?

Was it Communist Cubans or bitumen exporters?
Or perhaps a manufacturer of renewable power?
Or more likely a faith-healing mentalist
Who's announced on TV he's for rent by the hour.

But are psychics and Scientologists as dangerous frauds
As the pseudo-scientists employed by Exxon and Shell?
Has their "Woo-Woo" snookered as many mass media?
But what happens if we wait any longer for time to tell?

Bob Carlson

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