The Congressional Mole
("Senator" Teddy)

What is the goal of Canada's Congressional mole?
What makes us think he has our best interests at heart?
Deluding the public and Tea Baggers in Congress,
Cruz has the technique of mole obfuscation down to an art.

Twenty odd hours of incessant blather.
Even his cohorts thought it was a waste.
"Green Eggs And Ham" was a popular favorite.
Most of the rest was an acquired taste.

Does Teddy know secrets like those Bob Hansen sold?
Or is he getting paid to do as he's told?
Are his instructions to raise a big stink
So Obama OKs the KXL? What do you think?

Or will he absolve the Oil Mafia of all future spills?
Or cancel the healthcare that would pay for our ills?
Or pay Canada for the privilege of transporting its oil
Just to let his grandkids and ours all come to a boil?

You can't still be wondering what the Koch Brothers want.
But did they hire a mole for the job of an idiot savant?
As the climate warms up, we'll learn what they bought.
A savant? Very doubtful; but the idiot they got.

Bob Carlson

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