The Disposal
(Of Assad's nerve gas)

Who'll take the nerve gas off of Syria's hands?
We don't trust Assad, but we'll have to trust you.
It's your chance to become one of the World's major players
With control of that nerve gas imagine what you could do.

Blackmail the UN by threatening its release.
First come. First served. So someone breaks the peace.
What do you care? You can charge what you want.
Soak a big corporation? Monsanto? DuPont?
Or just a little to a little state like Vermont,

Whose motto is "Freedom and Unity", but so is Tanzanias'.
Sell it to them for a new set of fears.
But you can't. It's the UN's. Who's in charge? From the Azores?
Let him try a sample. Just one little whiff and it's yours.

Bob Carlson

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