The Permanent Political Class
(Making millions for now)

Congressional greed is not taking into account
Global Warming's effect on land, sea and air.
In a few years what they've acquired with taxpayrr dollars
Will have disappeared. Simply will not be there.

They'll have done nothing about it.
Won't have tried to cap CO2.
Most projects they've built to enrich themselves
Were for the top 1%. Not me and you.

Take Carolyn Maloney's Second Avenue subway
The top part's for her, the bottom will be under the sea.
Think of the cost of ite decompression chambers
And lockers for scuba diving equipment, as need be.

How many of Pelosi's projects in San Francisco
Will be done in by future tremors or the rising sea?
In the meantime she'll make millions with our taxpayer dollars
On projects conceived most inadvisedly.

Judd Gregg made big money
     converting an air base into a business park.
Bennie Thompson expanded a regional airport
     so the noise won't bother Pelosi's resort
Heath Shuler's seat on the TVA oversight subcommittee
Didn't hurt when his real estate project's water access rights fell short.

Harry Reid leveraged land to make millions he didn't have to disclose
When Clark County rezoned his. The County owed him at least one.
It pays to be part of the Permanent Political Class
When you wish to rob the public without a gun.

Bob Carlson

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