The Tea Party Plague
(A modern bubonic)

What happens when wildfires hit that parched Texas town
Where frackers have turned the entire landscape brown?
Frackers get your oil out before it's too late,
Before Tea Party wildfires consume the whole state.

Has Perry a second home deep in Jindal's bayou?
Which citizenship will he try to renew?
Will he face the same problem as Senator Cruz?
Where out of state politicians are considered bad news?

When they've allowed dirty fuels to steal all the water.
Steal? No, they paid politiciians the amounts they said they ought'er,
Politicians who had an out-of-Texas supply.
It's no wonder how much frackers were allowed to buy.

Can the Tea Party hire enough medicine men
To get it to rain again and again?
Medicine's not a profession with whom they've had that much luck.
Obamacare is a subject we'd advise them to duck.

Bob Carlson

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