They Quit En Masse
(And we don't want them back)

What made us think this political class
Would ever be capable of getting it done?
Could it have been something these charlatans said?
Surely nothing they did to show it's the one.

It's a class that's been sitting on its collective ass
For longer than is healthy for us or for them.
Now proud as peacocks they've finally succeeded
At doing nothing. They are the crème de la crème.

They've shutdown our government. They're no longer our Congress
By noon tomorrow they all should be gone and can't add to their mess.
It's our chance to start over with an entirely new lot.
Out with the old. Everyone's new. So let's see who we've no longer got.

No more McConnell. Inhofe melted away.
Bachus and Baucus? No way they could stay.
Nancy Pelosi? An earmark of the past.
Rubio, Paul, Lee and Cruz? Too extreme to last.

When they sign out, don't let them sign back in.
Cancel their credit cards; stop their wages of sin.
Terminate their insurance. They all have the wealth
To pay their own premiums in sickness or in health.

Boehner and Cantor and their ilk? Who will mourn?
They can cause a depression with looks that forlorn.
And so many others. Too many to mention.
Crony capitalists all gone, without an exception!

Copyright © 9/30/13
Bob Carlson

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