Tillerson And Inhofe
(One's overpaid; the other's a loudmouth who won't shut up)

Does Inhofe have grandchildren who'll be impacted by their grandfather's fraud
And insistence that mankind should not be of assistance to God
In keeping the world's temperatures on an even keel,
But instead help guarantee a lucrative Exxon short-term, stockholder deal.

Are Exxon's stockholders aware of Tillerson's funding of Inhofe and his ilk?
Why the massive con job? Why is Rex paid to bilk
The American citizenry and that of the world?
Won't it be obvious he knitted when he should have pearled?

The Rockefellers thought so but got voted down.
With dollars blown on contrarians, not replacements for oil,
Rex isn't planning for the future of his fuel industry.
Like Jim Inhofe he'll let us all suffer and be brought to a boil.

It's amazing how much Tillerson has been overpaid
In comparison with what Jim Inhofe has made
For what each has accomplished in warming us up.
Inhofe's a much better buy and the perpetual winner
    of the Oil Mafia's "Won't Shut Up Cup".

Bob Carlson

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