Too Much Nuclear Safety?
(Regulators repeatedly think so)

Who else finds old nuclear reactors too safe?
Safety standards were set when reactors were new.
Thirty years later, when they've started to crumble,
Relaxing those standards is what idiots do.

How else can they keep those goddamn things running?
Why face up to the fact that they should be replaced?
But why would utilities want to spend millions
When it's cheaper by far to have standards erased.

How can there be too much nuclear safety?
Is it possible that's what the Japanese thought?
Our Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Appears happy no matter how little it's got.

At the first hint of our own Fukushima
We'll be made aware of what Jaczko was not -
Leaked radiation that could sicken thousands
That Jaczko and his industry pals never caught.

Is that because no one has bothered to study
Exactly how aging of reactors is felt?
Can a utility CEO's compensation
Be made to reflect the effect of a melt?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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