Top Heavy With Top Brass
(The U.S. Nilitary needs more wars)

How many Generals do we need for a pinprick war?
Maybe that's the type we should be striving for.
If Obama wants bigger let him take up a collection
A pinprick with drones might suit us all to perfection.

How many Generals are needed for each robotic drone shot?
Why try to use up everyone that we've got?
#1 picks the targets, then #2 does the aiming.
#3 pushes de button, and when it misses, #4 handles the blaming.

But why must we use Generals when Privates would do?
Pentagon's never heard, "Too many cooks spoil the stew."?
Won't most of that Top Brass ever retire?
Can't they take a hint from Ready, Aim, FIRE?

Bob Carlson

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