Unanticipated Accommodations
(For homeless climate warming deniers)

Swim, row or paddle to the twenty-third floor.
That's the lowest level that you can get in.
Was it really designed for climate deniers?
All lower floors are not what they might have been.

Had the seas not been rising as the glaciers all melt,
The advantage of warming might not have been felt.
Deniers will inhabit most of the upper floors
Below that no elevators are needed,
    and it goes without saying no windows or doors.

Who was the genius who thought that far ahead?
Before Smokey Joe Barton's apologies would need to be said
To bankers who feared they were victims of Wall Street's opaque,
Unaware of the size of the denier market
    with their pseudo-scientific pontifications at stake?

Bob Carlson

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