Underemployed C.I.A. Virgins
The Undie Bomber Guru is not overly concerned

You think it's disconcerting
     for the C.I.A. to find
They've risen in importance
    in the Undie Guru's mind?

Their Undie Bomber expertise,
    of which he's taken note,
Shows why he likes the C.I.A.
    controlling the remote.

But not from in Afghanistan
    where they have found the risk
Of dropped updates from Facebook
    means they're not sure whom to frisk.

Is he counting on the fact
    they haven't mastered Google yet?
Or were told to wait for FIOS
    to get on the internet?

That unless they share the clicker,
    the chance is pretty slim
Those virgins Undie Bombers crave
    aren't courtesy of him?

Bob Carlson

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