Vicious Israelis

Why lend our support to Israeli causes
When they are the causes causing mid-East turmoil?
Their claims that they are God's chosen people?
Nonsense! Are they the ones to whom God gave the oil?

Someone, somewhere must have made a mistake,
Like deliberately trying to kill the U.S.S. Liberty,
Like picking a petulant "leader" to "lead" them,
To keep the world mad at them so continuously.

Massacre enemies and your allies who may have observed
The dastardly, cowardly crimes of your troops,
Compunding the horror by excusing yourselves
To the rest of the world by exclaiming, "Oops..."

Perhaps that's sufficient for the clowns we put in D.C.,
But only adds to the world anti-semitically.
"Oops" and the ADL aren't going to suffice.
Get rid of your Bibis, your pirates and settlers. Start playing nice.

Bob Carlson

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