We're Goldman
The name-brand "bank"

Till they blow our cover,
    we'll decline to make a loan to you,
There are lots of other ways Hank's found
    to make a buck or two
And cut a deal with the name-brand,
    that never comes away empty-handed.
We're Goldman.

If you need a broker,
    a mediocre Merrill Lynch won't do.
If you want a trader,
    we're Darth Vaders they will pay attention to.
If you want a party you can trust,
    that the Fed can't let go bust,
Or command,
We're Goldman.

Lehman lost the fight
Much to Hank's delight.
They lacked the speed required to "flash".
Computers can't keep up?
Of course someone will whup
You. So why's Fuld still talking trash?
Yet you'll find him and Morgan Stanley's Mack
Out there begging on their knees.
Saying, please, please, please.
Please, Goldman.

Still all they need's a peek,
The thrill of one last tweak
Of the Dow to diddle you.
But we're in this thing alone
So why throw those dogs a bone,
With all the SEC's been through?
Unless they blow our cover and squeal –
Us a retail bank? Get real!
But till we're banned,
We're Goldman.

Bob Carlson
with a nod of thanks to Leonard Cohen

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