What's New?
(With fossil fuels and Senator Inhofe, R. OK)

BP still is complaining it pays too much in taxes.
Then why not take its dirty business elsewhere?
Some place they're not bothered by the BP reputation
For management incompetence and for not being there.

Not there when their famous deep water well blew.
Not there to determine how many spacers would do.
Not there for the clean up and choice of dispersants.
Only there to argue for much smaller reimbursements.

Hands off management mints milions when all's going well,
But costs shareholders billions when a well blows to hell.
Why risk doing business when BP's control's so remote
Unless you don't mind how many miles of coastline they coat?

Does their axis of evil guarantee they'll do better?
Have they finished paying for each earlier spill
Or are they still in "negotiations"
While people are dying or "just" gravely ill?

So what else is new? Inhofe still is denying
While BP is crying its tax is too high.
How can we arrange for Inhofe to be spilled on
So he switches to crying, "Oklahoma's too dry."?

Bob Carlson

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