What's That In Your Coke?
(Mouse toes or GMOs?)

What's in your coke bottle? A dead mouse or old sock?
Or unlabeled GMOs to hit your gut like a rock?
Coke isn't saying. It's a secret they keep
Are they afraid if we knew it we'd sue them or weep?

And not take another pause that we once found refreshing
But worry that our skin has started goosefleshing.
If their bottler goofed and something slipped in
We need to know why our heads start to spin.

Is it as harmless as a mouse's toe
Or potentially fatal like a new GMO,
Untried and untested that you guys got approved
With promises that it is being improved,

So that soon we will no longer be able to taste
The stuff that Monsanto's CEO couldn't waste.

Copyright © 12/22/13
Bob Carlson

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