Who'll Be A Climate Denier?
(Mommy, when I grow up must I be one of them?)

Mommy, do I have to be a climate denier?
You know how I 'specially love saying 'No'.
I hate my doctors, my teachers and all politicians.
When I grow up, will I tell them where to go?

Try asking your Daddy. He denies on occasion,
And several times his lies have been caught.
Unlike David Vitter, a week or two on the couch,
Fortunately was all that your Daddy got.

Stop bothering Mommy with, "will you be a denier?".
First you'd have to learn to be a proficient liar.
Plus you'll most likely grow up, which they never did.
You'd first have to figure out how to remain a kid.

You've an IQ of 90 and that's way too high.
You'd say something smart and get yourself arrested.
They'll accuse you of being a trained scientist
And not one of the group in whom Exxon invested.

Why deny climate changes, warming and science?
What have you to gain as the warming increases?
And you're one of those who predicted it won't?
What excuse will suffice as you pick up the pieces?

Consider the risks of your being wrong,
Like no one left around to bid you so long,
Like being too late to make amends,
Or apologies that will be accepted by friends.

Inhofe claims it's a "hoax", but what does he know?
Oklahoma's about as far from the coast as you can go.
Why'd he be concerned? Denying's his stock in trade
Potential sea flooding leaves him undismayed.

Is the financial incentive to deny all that great
When it's Mohammad Al-Sabban with whom you'd negotiate?
Ask Smokey Joe Barton if he'll apologize for BP
When the City of Mecca is swamped by BP's bitumen sea?

Bob Carlson

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