Who's For Brunch?
(Tea Partiers?)

Isn't a child being mauled by a big cat in captivity
Reason enough not to keep one as a pet?
But the Tea Party says "No" to more regulations
Yet a lion or tiger's not the "pet" a family should get.

They belong in the wild protected from hunters.
Not stuffed as a trophy to brag that one hunts.
They are wild jungle beasts and not really tameable
Sure, they look sweet, but they're not the cats you wtll hug more than once.

Still some fools insist and others obsess.
Raising big kitties is a hobby, I guess
But when it comes to feeding, so many go wrong.
The slightest mistake and it's someone's swan song.

Unless you're raising Tea Partiers, don't feed them your kid,
Or we'll have to feel sorry that you did what you did.
Throw them a Big Mac, if you've got the arm.
If you don't, how you lost it will have a certain charm.

Bob Carlson

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