Who's Gassing Who?
('Aristocracy' vs. the lower classes?)

Has Obama told Congress that Sarin, the chemical weapon
He's asking for their kind permission to bomb,
Is colorless, odorless, and highly lethal?
It's a sneakier waapon than Monsanto's Agent Orange or Napalm.

If he's lucky and his drones hit some Sarin containers,
Where will it escape to? Who will Obama gas?
Or will Congress be blamed and get the credit
For killing large parts of the Syrian middle-class

Allah forbid, that Assad hid the containers
Where, if bombed and punctured, they'll kill a part of Syria's "elite".
Oh, the hand-wringing in Congress to lose some of the top one percent
When they hoped they'd be hitting the man-in-the-street.

Bob Carlson

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