Who's Paid To Deny Fossil Fuel Changes Climate?
(Joe Barton? Jim Inhofe?)

Is Joe Barton or Jim Inhofe the highest paid climate denier
To not notice that much of his top soil is gone? That it's blowing away?
That fossil fuel induced droughts, he's said couldn't occur,
Along with blue northers, have convinced his top soils to no longer stay.

How'd these oil patch guys know if they weren't even there?
Have they been swimming in Colorado's flash flooded creeks?
Surely it wasn't the dust and debris in their air,
Or escaping bitumen from oil pipeline leaks.

Wouldn't one of those scenarios seem to suffice?
They're too far from the Arctic to have seen melting ice.
Texas and Oklahoma were already too hot
For polar bears to have given either dust bowl a second thought.

Bob Carlson

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