Who Can't Vote?
(Friends of your relatives?)

Don't let politicians limit the vote
To the few that they think would be loyal to them.
The moment they're able to do something stupid like that
They'll most likely be missing the crème de la crème

It's going to backfire if it's not already illegal
What gives them the right to decide who can vote?
Have they never heard of the U.S. Constitution?
Who are these guys? Who let them off the boat?

Or is that the problem? They've been here too long?
If you don't think like they do, then you don't belong?
    Belong to what?

That family somebody posted to your own Facebook?
Those grandchildren that look as cute as you used to look?
Who when they grow up and learn it was you
Who is keeping their friends, their school chums and buddies
    Out of the American voting milieu?

Bob Carlson

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