Who Knew The NSA Was Into Eugenics?
(Other than the Koch brothers?)

Will they credit Obama or Keith Alexander
For letting the Kochs' eugenics Fourth Reich take a gander
At the detailed "unfitness" of each one of us
As they decide who to keep or throw under the bus?

Who'll get the healthcare and who'll do without?
Alexander's NSA has the data without a doubt.
Is he taking it with him when he resigns?
Depends how much they pay him. Look for the signs.

A new car in his driveway? What can he afford?
Maserati? He sold out. Pray for Chevy or Ford.
Keep the Kochs guessing. Make sure they hire a mole
Who has the biggest Tea Bags necessitating a bowl.

That's who to look out for. That's who they'd use,
If the Kochs could get Obama to appoint Teddy Cruz.
Would he be any less of a thorn in Obama's side?
Could a Canadian mole and Tea Bagger be trusted?
    How'd anyone know if he lied when he spied

Bob Carlson

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