Whose Place Is At Risk In The Kochs' Master Race?

Would Ted Cruz admit to being a closet eugenicist?
In his attempt to avoid being classified as "unfit"?
Reducing the chance of his being euthanized by the Kochs?
Foreign born? It's a big risk, you've got to admit.

First they'll rob the low income of their Obama healthcare
Their eugenicist advises them to start slow and move on from there.
Think of the tremendous dollars they'll save.
That's the part that appeals in particular to Charlie and Dave.

Low income people (lower than Kochs) spending Federal bucks?
Get rid of ten percent of them. That's the eugenicist's immediate goal.
Teddy got the message remarkably quickly:
Get all those "defectives" off the Federal dole."

What luck when Obama's healthcare appeared when it did.
What else gets to paupers like endangering their kid?
That's a fact of which eugenicists, like the Kochs', have long been aware
They'll wait and go after the parents when they've torn out their hair.

Bald has no place in the Kochs' Master Race
Toupees are OK for those at the top
If surreptitiously acquired and applied before the wife wises up
And applies for a hirsute, caffeine free, husband swap.

Unless Ted's hair turns grey soon, he's going to find
Any more loss will be way too discernible.
That won't be acceptable in the Kochs' Master Race
And horror of horrors for his long suffering wife,
    a balding Ted Cruz will not be returnable.

Bob Carlson

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