"Zippers That Zip"

(Buttonhole making is more labor intensive)

When you buy a sweater, do you check its zipper?
Is it easily started and an all the way up slipper?
Do the ends on the bottom always readily mesh?
Are they strangers too often, reluctant to press the flesh?

Will it snag on the way up? Will it catch in the fabric
Which is what you bought the thing for, thinking zippers don't stick?
Are buttons such a problem or take too long to do?
Perhaps for the outsourcer. But maybe not you.

Buttonhole making can be labor intensive.
Are most sweater makers Republican owned
With labor policies dictated by ALEC?
Their contributions to job opportunities?

Make no assumptions regarding a zipper.
Don't assume its being there means it can zip.
The same considerations apply to NRA clips.
You planned to shoot thirty and end up hitting zip.

You planned to try it on Congress? That's the hard way to do it.
You had just that one chance and you went and blew it.

Bob Carlson

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