Afghan Poppy Fertilizers
Fearing a switch to Scotts Miracle Gro

Karzai says what he'll miss most
    is not McChrystal's charm,
But organic gardening on
    his brother's poppy farm.

The greening of Afghanistan
    has meant so much to him.
"Climate can't be subject to
    some Oklahoman's whim."

But the numbers he is hearing
    of the cost per man per year
Make him wonder who the hell's
    McChrystal's financier.

Why train an army that's so big
    its chance of getting paid
Depends on Stan's plan to increase
    the NATO poppy trade

With 30-10-10 fertilizers,
    while praying Fogh won't panic.
Fogh's polls show most of Congress
    still much prefers organic.

Bob Carlson

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