American Hired Guns For Egypt
(Podesta and Lockheed rush to the rescue)

What kind of pressure will munitions suppliers
Put on the Congress to declare this next war?
Does Mubarak need help to quell his uprising?
Like Ike used to say, that's what arms guys are for.

Some dedicate all their resources to making
Wartime munitions. So what do they need?
Offensive lobbyists to kick up a ruckus
And a Congress that's paid to make calls to Lockheed.

How'll the Podesta Group be able to prosper?
Their lobbying prowess entails working both sides.
It's no skin off their backs if this country goes broke.
BAE Systems and Lockheed have very thick hides,

And the backing of hawks to write earmarks for them,
As much as old Harry and Mitch will allow
So their local versions of Daddy Warbucks
Can be certain more wars will be their cat's meow.

All of which means that Mubarak's in luck.
He's a Podesta client as are our hired guns.
And Congressional hawks are awaiting the handouts
As they were in Ike's day and will in your grandson's.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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