Bad News For Israeli Squatters
(America's military-industrial complex)

Will Mubarak's successor get along well
With Israelis who're squatting on land they don't own?
Can the Jewish Defense League get Mubarak's billions
Spent to defend Bibi's biblical throne?

Not if American munitions suppliers
Insist that they need to keep arming both sides
While Batty Bachmann assists Lindsey Graham
In promoting their planes to guard all their backsides.

An F-35 here? An F-35 there?
Another bonanza to bless Lockheed Martin?
Can they sell enough to Hamas and Hezbollah
To take up the slack now Mubarak's departin'?

Well watch the munitions suppliers in action
As they add to their profits by fomenting mistrust
With Bachmann maintaining that enslaving Egyptians
Has long been and will be an Israeli must.

How long will it be before Fox News admits
That Ike's military-industrial conspiracy was
The reason why Netanyahu's squatters pulled out
And why Israel faces the dilemmas it does?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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