"Billy O, Known As Bo"

(Was Billy a confirmed Leopardist?)

Religions in the U.S. have been losing ground.
At least that's what one recent poll claims to have found.
But not offshoot religions where so far no one has drowned
Despite accusations they're just fooling around.

Billy O, known as Bo, though why most don't know,
Belonged to a cult led by the Reverend Spotz,
Which is not an assumed name as THEY have all claimed,
Upset that his group ranks as haves, not have nots.

Well it has Billy O, known as Bo, or thought it had.
As the Reverend tells it the transformation was sad.
Billy O, known as Bo, though why most still don't know,
Was a Lindsey Graham type with a tough row to hoe.

His pastor had chosen him to campaign for office
While emphasizing that "THEY keep their hands off us."
Was Bo a confirmed Leopardist? Apparently not.
If he had been, the good Rev. would have had Billy O, or Bo, shot.

"We Leopardists are secretive. We're not commonplace.
Unless we're in our makeup, you can't tell by the face.
But Billy O, known as Bo, went and let THEM know why.
The leash gave him away when he went to fly.

"So we worship the leopard who ate that poor shepherd
It was only because the blessed leopard was starved.
If the lad had supplied the cow, not just the hide,
We'd have helped the poor lad, and would have probably carved.

"Nor was it his fault that leopards need salt
And that the lad had served a hitch in the Navy.
But THEY didn't know that. THEY hadn't been told,
And I warned Billy O. Bo Peep not to be that bold."

So Little Bo Peep was a distant relation,
Apparently on his great grandmother's side,
Who would have witheld both the hide and the cow.
After all of the hubbub? Yes, even now.

Oh, how his great grandmother loved her cows and her sheep,
Almost as much as she loved Bo and the Little Bo Peep.
So those genes to protect them were all passed along.
Does that make Bo's transformation from Spotz's Leopardists wrong?

Bob Carlson

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