Blame The Exorcist or Judy Miller?
Father Éclair questions the Vatican hierarchy's Papal defense

Their exorcist is eighty-five.
The Devil's eating him alive.
    And these guys think the media's to blame?
Did Judy Miller do the Pope?
If so, they've got a right to hope,
    Or else the exorcist is off his game.

For the Pope to be this evil,
There had to be a big upheaval.
    The Prince of Darkness must have won hands down.
Now, "Save our pedophiles and Pope!
Join our worldwide cry of Nope".
    Like they couldn't hire the best in town?

Instead of Boehner, they need Palin,
Cryin', shoutin', weepin', wailin',
    "From my trailer I can wave to Putin."
She'd switch priests from raping kids
To searching out the highest bids
    to keep the pedophiles and exorcist from feudin'.

The exorcist had once confirmed
The need for priests to be de-spermed,
    and planned to add that to his bag of tricks.
But didn't when he learned the Pope
Still refused to give up hope
    they'd see the light and switch from boys to chicks.

Is that how Judy Miller told it?
Is that how Judy Miller sold it?
    Remember Chalabi? Her boiler plate?
Iraq and not Afghanistan?
Kudos for the "Holy" man?
    To Judy Miller evil Popes smell great.

Bob Carlson

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