Obama's Afghanistan –
Celebrity Genius
Generals forgetting that trainees will need to be paid

In these trying times you'd think
    most "star" gen'rals would keep mum,
Especially those without a clue
    where troops they want are coming from.

Yet NATO's Fogh Rasmussen's promised
    at least seven thousand more
Though Stan McChrystal's not made clear
    who they're against, or who they're for.

Must NATO fight the Taliban
    McChrystal subsidizes
So he can move his troops to where
    someone who likes the Karzais is?

Should Secretary Gen'rals ask
    or entertain the slightest doubt
How anybody's troops can leave
    if Stan McChrystal's funds run out?

Stanley's bribes get his troops in,
    but are they one-way passes?
If round-trip isn't specified,
    we'd better kick some four-star asses.

Some suspect Fogh's guesstimates
    include those troops already there,
That he's another politician
    pulling numbers from thin air.

But can he dream up ways to pay
    the troops that Stan McChrystal trains
So that we don't end up with zilch,
    for our losses? for our pains?

Who cares if Stan hangs Taliban,
    if he can find the trees,
But why make toll collectors out of
    Stanley's rarely paid trainees?

Bob Carlson

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