Celibate Clergies
A celibate clergy of priestly pedophiles join
the Dixieland Crackerjacks in their rendition of
"Doctor Jazz"

Our Church has sanctioned child abuse
    so, when we can, that's what we do –
Cardinals, bishops, priests and nuns,
    all "fondling" you.
Heretofore it's been big biz,
    but now as celibates of His,
It's our necks He's sticking out
    when we're allowed to shout:

"Hello, kiddies, I'm your Father Woe.
You've got what I need, as you must know.
Or maybe you don't yet. If so, you won't forget
I'm the Father the Pope let
    pet whatever he could get."

The more we see, the more we want it seems.
We're an active clergy that fulfills its dreams –
So though our pederasty's nixed,
And we Woes may be deep-sixed,
Celibacy fathers lots more Woes.

Music by Joe "King" Oliver
Original Lyric by Walter Melrose
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

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