More of Poppycock John McCain in Rhymed Verse
“The Patsy”6/5/13
“A Chilling Scenario”  (Casabianca)
“A Failed Maverick”
“A More Humane McCain”
“A Nuclear And Vindictive Grandpapa”
“A Stroke Of Genius”
“A VP For Little Mac”
“Addicted To Mea Culpas”
“Alaskan Style Shenanigans”
“Allotting The Spoils”
“An Identity Crisis”
“At Johnny's Age?”
“Bail, Baby, Bail!”
“Beware The Doggy Doo”
“Bushie Cries Foul”
“But Nothing More”
“Bushie Seeks A Psychic”
“Carol, Cindy, Vicki et al.”  (Your Cheatin' Heart)
“Carry Us Back” (Carry Me Back To Old Virginny)
“Chump Change?”
“Clintons”  (People)
“Congressional Headlines”  (Satin Doll)
“Damn You Again, Barack Obama! – I”
“Damn You Again, Barack Obama! – II”
“Deer In The Headlights”
“Democrats Are Dummies”
“Don Diamond Is McCain's Best Friend”  (Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend)
“Eleanor Holmes Norton”
“Gollum Faces Facts”
“Gollum Morphed Into Old Mac”
“GooseEgg, The Man”  (Green Eggs and Ham)
“He's A Bush-Republican, Ladies”  (Cosmopolitan Lady)
“His Palin Folly”
“Holier Than Thou”
“Homes For The Homeless”
“Hornpipe For A Horny Mac”  (A Couple Of Swells)
“How Dare They Say It?”
“How Sad”
“How're We Gonna Keep 'Em Betting the Farm?”  (How 'Ya Gonna
     Keep 'Em Down On The Farm?)

“I Can't Remember Boo”  (I Don't Remember Christmas)
“I May Be Dumb”  (I May Be Wrong)
“I'm Aggravated”
“I'm Qualified”
“If Ever I'm Elected”  (All I Have To Do Is Dream)
“Jimmy Dobson's Prayers Backfire”
“Joe Napalmer's Last Chance”
“Joe's Funny That Way”  (She's Funny That Way)
“John McCain Is Dreaming”  (California Dreaming)
“John McCain's Blues”  (Winin' Boy Blues)
“John Played The Puppet”  (Sing For Your Supper)
“John "W" McCain”
“Johnny Comes Up Short”  (Cabaret)
“Johnny Footnote”  (Johnny One Note)
“Johnny's Beach Bum Promises”  (If I Only Had A Brain)
“Just Got Back From Uh 'Raybee”  (Steppin' Out with My Baby)
“Kisses From McCain”  (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)
“Lame Duck Double-Talk”  (Happy Talk)
“Let Me John McCain You – I”  (Let Me Entertain You)
“Let Me John McCain You – II”  (Let Me Entertain You)
“Lie, Baby, Lie!”
“Little Mac Wants To Drill In the Spring”  (The Flowers That Bloom
     In The Spring)

“Little Mac's Sex Life”
“Little Old Mac's Egonomics”
“Lizzie Dole and Cindy Mac”  (A Couple Of Swells)
“Mac's Medical Records”
“Mackey's Shelf Life”  (Mack, The Knife)
“McCain & Romney”
“McCain Collaborates Again And Again”  (I Don't Want To Walk Without You,

“McCain Is All Heart” (She Gave Her Heart To Jethro)
“McCain: Week-end Warrior”  (Don't Get Around Much Anymore)
“McCain's Brain”  (Pennies From Heaven)
“McCain's Guantanamo Address”
“McCain's Next In Line?”  (Come Rain Or Come Shine)
“Media Bait”
“Mister McSquish”  (Hello, Young Lovers)
“More PR For Heroes And Neroes”
“Mrs. W's McCain Memorial”
“My Friends – I (rev.)”
“My Friends – II”
“My Friends – III”
“My Qualifications”  (Solitude)
“National Security For Old Mac”
“Neiman Marcus Loves Old Mac”  (Take Back Your Mink)
“No Hail Marys”  (My Melancholy Baby)
“Obama Doesn't Understand”
“Obama Has”  (And All That Jazz)
“Oh, What It Means To Me”  (Oh! What It Seemed To Be)
“Oil Shills”  (A Couple of Swells)
“Old Mac Attack Ad #313”
“Old Mac Begrudges Obama His Millions”
“Old Mac's Bailout”
“Old Mac's Economic Solution”
“Old Mac's ESP”
“Old Mac's For-Against It”
“Old Mac's Mind Is Going”
“Old Mac's Newest Plan”
“Old Mac's VP For Torture”
“One Son's Military Saga”  (Honey Bun)
“Palin's Addington Addiction”
“Palin's Economic Ploy”
“Palin's Presidential Plans”
“Palin's Promise Not To Prattle”
“Paulson-Palin Welfare”
“Prepping Our Puppet”
“Presidential Insurance & Economics”
“Quick On The Trigger”
“Race Cards”
“Sarah Palin's New Power”
“Sarah Saves The Savior”
“Seventy-six iPhones”  (Seveny-six Trombones)
“Shame On You, Barack Obama! – I”
“Shame On You, Barack Obama! – III”
“Shame On You, Barack Obama! – IV”
“Shoutin' Back At Puttin' Out”
“Smoke! Smoke! Smoke Another Pack”
“Spend, Baby, Spend”
“Stand By McCain”  (Stand By Your Man)
“Stand Down, McCain”  (Stand By Your Man)
“Straight Talker”  (You Were Meant For Me)
“Suppressing Buchanan”
“Talking To Demagogues”  (I Don't Want To Walk Without You)
“Talking While Walking”  (I Don't Want To Walk Without You)
“Thank God John's A Fam'ly Man”  (Thank God I'm A Country Boy)
“The Beer Baron's Six-Pack”
“The Bush-McCain Chain Of Command”  (I Can't Give You Anything But Love)
“The Bushie-Palin Panic”
“The Contented Oil Speculator”
“The Economic Advisors”
“The Family Values Maverick”
“The Great Palin Puppet Panic”
“'The One' vs. Number Two”
“They Haven't A Clue”
“Too Old To Play The Maverick”
“Vote For Obama”  (Sing For Your Supper)
“Wasting Addington”
“We're Old Mac Sycophants”  (A Couple Of Swells)
“Were You There?”
“What The Heck You Spect Of Me?”  (I Ain't Got Nobody)
“What We Have In Common?”
“Which John McCain?”
“Who'll Be My David Addington?”
“Why I Lie”
“Why Question My Judgment?”
“Will Johnny Switch Scams?”  (I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan)
“Winkin' vs. Blinkin'”
“Yankee Fans And McPalin Surrogates”
“Yo Ho, Cindy”