To More About Popes, Priests,
    Pastors & Pedophiles in Rhymed Verse

“The Pope's Curia's Gay?”6/12/13
“Plans For Planet Earth”3/15/13
“Sound Good?”3/14/13
“Mrs. Withington III vs. Texas Politicians”2/23/13
“North Dakota's Breeding Program”2/8/13
“Billy O, Known As Bo”1/12/13
“Off With Their Ears”11/13/12
“Celibate Clergies”4/14/10 (Doctor Jazz)
“Blues The Holy Fathers Give To Me”4/13/10
        (Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me)
“Not My Fault, Ma'am”4/11/10 (Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue)
“McCain & Romney”4/8/10
“Exorcist Wanted!”4/6/10
“Blame The Exorcist or Judy Miller?”4/5/10
“Pedophile Interns”4/4/10
“Comparing Churches”4/3/10
“Is Father Éclair Headed For Hell?”4/2/10
“No Safety In Numbers”4/2/10
“Father Éclair's In Rome”4/1/10
“Future Popes Don't Ask Or Tell”3/31/10
“Happy Easter!”3/31/10
“Jesus Rates Politicians”3/29/10 (The Numbers)
“Pope Approved”5/30/09
“Happy Holidays From Obama”12/28/08
“Obama's Pastor Problem Continues”12/19/08